Customer Comments

I am sure you get many testimonials but I can give you another one. Your product is nothing but first class. I have had some stirrups that I picked up here and there but they were a cheap piece of crap compared to your product, cheap fasteners, the adjusters were on the outside so when you moved your foot on the peg they sometimes would loosen up, the elastic was not very wide and they didn't last long. Your product is very well thought out.
Thanks again, G White

The Stirrups I purchased for my wife and myself far exceeded our expections. I assumed the products in my local Harley dealership would be the same as yours, I could not have been more wrong. Your stirrups are terrific looking and far better in weight and functionality - heavy duty and built to last. I buy much online and your delivery was very prompt. Thank you. Dave & Kristi Boise, ID

Bob, Thank you, the package arrived in the mail yesterday evening, and a complete stirrup is far more than I expected. Your regard for your customers has been evident in every communication that we've had, and you should know that it doesn't go unappreciated, especially in todays's dollar-driven society. Any time Faarken comes up in conversation or anyone admires your product, you should know that I will make sure everyone I speak to knows just how good your customer service is, and what a great product you have.

Thank you for everything, Matt, Cadyville, N.Y.

Bob, Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I got the replacement set yesterday. Put this in your comments section:

What can I say. I love these stirrups and the way they work. I've even been known to wear them when I'm not riding. When I had a problem with one of them, the owner of the company stepped right up to the plate and personally sent me a replacement set immediately. This is a great product backed by a great company! Buy American! China, you can kiss my you know what!

Thanks for everything, Hal Walter

Bob, thanks. I got my replacement today. That is what happened and I did not realize it until the next time I stopped and it popped loose. I will be careful not to over stress the clip by placing too much fabric in it. Thanks for you speedy and well done reply If I can ever do anything for you, please let me know.

Regards, Kerry, Santa Fe

Bob, I was extremely pleased with my recent purchase of my Biker stirrups. The quality surpassed my expectations. The pics on the web site does not do them justice. My fiance liked them so much, I will have to buy her a pair now since she hijacked mine when they arrived.

Thanks, Mark Memphis, TN

Hey Bob, Just took your stirrups out for a long ride down pacific coast hwy, and in a word your product is "OUTSTANDING" thanks for the fast service and craftsmanship, we ordered the santa fe for myself and hearts for my wife, ever think of like a buffalo head?

Thanks and best of everything Dave W. Long Beach, CA

Bob, I just received my order of stirrups and the MagPad patent pending. As usual, great quality. The MagPad patent pending is really a great product. I bought a rubber kick stand pad and it's a pain to use. When it's hot, it doesn't keep its shape and it slides. When I am ready to leave, its so big I need to open the saddlebags to put it in. You, on the otherhand, have developed the better "mousetrap" I take the pad and stick it to the coil cover and away I go. It also looks great. Now if you can figure out how an old guy like me can bend down to get the pad off the kick stand, that would be a significant improvement. When you develope an arm extender, put me down for one.

Thanks again, Jack K

Bob, I got my stirrups the other day. Went for a ride with my group thru the woods, thru a rain storm, and on the interstate, all while wearing my stirrups. They worked like a CHAMP! Saw some of the others with their pants riding up their legs; just had to smile at them and ride in comfort! With that all said, I'll need to place an order for my hubby. Thanks again for an awesome product!


Bob , I got my skull disk stirrups last week just in time for a nasty rain storm I put them on my rain pants and did not have a problem . They would normally ride right up my legs getting me soaked but not this time because of your product . I was thinking the price was a little steep but when I read the comments I said what the hell let me give them a shot , and boy was I pleased at the quality of the product . I will definitely recommend them to any of my friends who now I laugh at when we cruise down the highway and there pants are at there knees .

A VERY SATISFIED Customer , Bryan P . Nashua , NH VROC #20607

Bob The Santa Fe stirrups arrived yesterday and I 've got to tell you - not only do they work great, but the quality is absolutely superb! When I first spotted them on the Net, I felt the price was a bit steep. I realize now I was way off base. After getting an up-close look at them and putting them to good use this afternoon, I'm here to tell you and any of your prospective customers the price is right on the mark! Nice work, brother, and thanks for a top-notch product!

Godspeed! Jim T Pike Road, AL

I received them in the mail today, and am very impressed with the quality. It is much better than I had perceived. Your pictures and descriptions on the web does not do them justice.

Thank You, Claude, Latonia, KY


A thousand thanks! Wish I had these stirrups years ago. Solved a problem that has nagged me for ages. I'm going on a ride with my group this weekend and I imagine you'll get some business out of that. I'll pass on your web address. Any possibility you're going to make any with the Lone Star of Texas on the concho??

Ken B., Garland, TX.

Dear Hawg Ties, "While riding my '74 Harley Davidson FLH and wearing my khakis, the pressure on my balls is so great I get a bellyache. Will your Faarken Stirrups help or are my balls just too big? :-) I'd like to order a pair of the Lone Skull Stirrups."

Jack D., Paxton, MA

Dear Bob: Thanks for the personal service......I received my Hawg Ties the other day as promised. I tried them out on my Road Glide.....had several people comment on the cool stirrups.....told them where they can be purchased.........looks like you have a real winner of a product.

Best wishes to you and your crew. Ron R. Out on the Left Coast.

Two weekends ago I rode out to 29 Dreams Motorcycle Resort here in Alabama (very close to the Barber Motorsports Museum and Track) by way of what is one of the best twisty, seriously curvy roads within riding distance of my home (State Hwy 25) for the first time of this riding season (even though our riding season is almost year-round). Upon my arrival at least 25 different people approached me about my stirrups. People absolutely love these things and everybody wanted to know how to get them, did they really work, and couldn’t believe how inexpensive they are. I ordered the Concho stirrups because I liked them best but I’ll be ordering more in different styles just to have extras.

Great product. Sincerely, Neel Farrar

I am sure there are many of you like me in that when and if possible I prefer to commute to work on my Rocket. Briefcase on rack, lunch box in left hand side Pannier and coffee thermos in right hand side out perfectly!!!! Unless I have visiting customers or am traveling to customers (attire = suit and tie) my company attire is dress casual. While riding the Rocket with regular shoes and dress slacks I find my pants are being blown up to my shins. Found a MC Stirrup guy up in MA that has some cool stirrups. Bought a pair and they work great. Super quality and a really nice guy (Bob) to do business with. He presently does not have a Union Jack, Triumph, or Rocket III logo for the concho but suspect if he gets enough interest he will create.

Gary, Sayville, NJ

"Thanks for making this Bro' wish you'd done it in 1965 when I started riding. You will probably get some more orders from the Southeast TX area because I'm gonna turn my friends on to this. Bet you get an order soon from Robert W. because he's gonna want one of those skull models." Randy G.

- Valkyrie Tourer, Missouri City, TX

Robert, Thought I would drop a line. Been using the ties. I ride to work as often as possible, weather permitting, since I have to dress sport casual for work, the ties keep my slacks down so they don't end up looking like "High Water Waders". They prove particularly useful on my bike with forward controls and when I put my feet up on the highway pegs when riding the dresser. I keep a pair in each bike. I don't leave home without them.

I highly recommend "Hawg Ties" to anyone who doesn't want to have their slacks around their knees while riding. Look for me and your "Faarken Stirrups" at Biketoberfest.

Regards, Jerry O. U.S. Dept. of State.

TCB! "Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting ".....GOOD GOD....WHAT A RIDE!!!!!

Hi Bob! Thanks for the update!! I have had nothing but success with my new Faarken Stirrups! I love them and show them off whenever possible. The Harley Shop told me a few weeks ago that they would be reordering soon. It was your willingness to help a fellow biker in distress with his first pair plus your integrity that made me stick with them and use them. I wish you continued success!!

Your friend, Jim Swanson

"I got my stirrups today, I was extremely impressed. It was a pleasure doing business with you and I am sure that I will do more with you in the future and tell my friends about your product. Thanks"

Nathaniel M. Middletown, DE

"Bob, finally! What a great idea, so tired of the hiking up jeans when riding."

Mark R.

Bob, I just received my order today, and I want to tell you that was one of the best deals I have ever spent on for clothing accessories, ( I'm a "clothes Hawg".) They are really kool and very heavy duty like you said. I will use them a lot and once they get "broken in, you bet I'll get another pair from you.

Thanks, Harris

"Just bought a pair. I love them. Been looking for something like this for a while. One suggestion though. They seem a little short. The elastic should be longer as I have a big pair of boots. I have also told ALL my riding buddies about it."

Ken G.

"Hi Bob! Just got your product yesterday that I ordered last week. Thanks for sending it out to me so quick. They sure do the trick. Nice quality too. I will be sure to show my riding buddies....will try and get you some more business. I didn't see your add in the latest issue of American Iron. Last month is where I first saw the add. Thanks!!"

Steve B.

"I hate my jeans creeping up and saw your product in American Iron, hope you get lots of business from it. I lived in San Diego for 3 years and I can pick them up on my next visit to the USA. Alternatively do you have Australian distributor where I can get these? Cheers."

Kym G. Adelaide HOG, Australia

"Gotta question for you. Have you got a set of your world famous Faarken Stirrups that are plain? No concho, skull etc. I am kind of a boring guy and would really go for something plain. BTW, yours is a great idea, we've needed something like this for a long time. Saw the feature in this month's Cycle World."

E.O.S. - Prof. Anthropology, Atlanta, GA

"I ordered a pair of your Faarken Stirrups for my boyfriend. He liked them so much I want to order a pair for my brother-in-law. Please let me know when you have the narrower ones available for myself. Would you please send out some order forms for ordering for other friends?"

Elaine L. Lewis port, KY

Dear Bob: Your Hawg Ties came as promised and are more substantial than I expected. Good job, and FYI, the guys in the Copy to box are fellow Rolex Riders. You might be getting an inquiry into your product.

Thanks for the prompt service. Bill M. Sacramento, CA Rolex Riders

Dear Bob, Last Saturday I received the Stirrups, the are great, this is again something that is not for sale in the biker shops in the Netherlands. Now my trousers are sitting perfect when I'm riding. I will show my biker friends what I've been buying by you. Thanks again, and maybe we will meet each other in the future.

Best regards, Herman Detz Udenhout the Netherlands.

Rob, I got the stirrups, they are kick ass, I will be trying them out as soon as I return from deployment, (very soon) Thanks for the extra one, I appreciate it.

Terry N. USS Elrod FFG-55